Project Structure

AgroSYS consists of 6 Work Packages:

WP.1 Agricultural part: Combinatorial sensing of the vineyard by means of UAV and UGV

  • Data collection
  • Data processing based on algorithms
  • Decision making of appropriate agricultural practices

WP.2 Complete UAV and UGV autonomous navigation and energy management system

  • Installation of sensors
  • Creation of algorithms to identify and avoid obstacles

WP.3 Small-scale solar charging stations for electric UAVs/UGVs

  • Design
  • Communication with UAVs & UGVs
  • Data collection
  • Decision making system

WP.4 Robotic arms

  • Selection
  • Installation
  • Power plug selection
  • Programming

WP.5 Installation in an experimental vineyard of AUA (35ha)

  • Testing for a productive period in order to optimize

WP.6 Environmental and economic impact analysis

  • Investigation of possible commercial exploitation – Intellectual Property


Month 6

Integration of Sensors in UAVs, UGVs

Month 12

UAV & UGV navigation

Installation of 2 solar charging stations

Month 20

Robotic arms

Month 30


Fully autonomous system


This section will be updated when the first results from the on-site testing will be available, in the context of WP5.